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Yes! We welcome you and your pets

Whitianga is a great place to stay and we especially enjoy seeing you share that experience with your pets.


Our Surcharge is from $15.00 for a small dog, medium and large dogs are $20.00 per pet per night.  

(This helps us cover some of the additional costs such

as extra cleaning)

What you need to know:


Unfortunately we cannot allow puppies.

Remember to bring your dogs bedding and Food/Drink bowls.


Dogs cannot be left unattended in the unit at any stage with no exceptions please.

(There is a Doggie Day Care in Whitianga)


Dogs are not allowed on the furniture.


You must pick up your dogs droppings

(There are bags and bins located along the beach for your convenience)


Please be considerate of others on site and keep your dog under control at all times.

(In this regard we ask you to take extra care around children)

Thank you for your co-operation on these matters, so we can keep this fabulous service in place!

Other Animals

Just give us a ring and we will advise any specific terms and conditions that may apply.


In the unfortunate event your pet causes damage we do ask you to report this immediately to reception, as we do reserve the right to recoup costs in this regard.

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